property-specific websites for vacation homeowners

HomeSites is Resortia's service that provides vacation homeowners with their own dedicated website for their single vacation home.  A vacation rental property is its own small business, and every small business need its own website.

This service allows for the showcasing of an individual home all on its own - not among all of the competing properties on HomeAway, VRBO, and AirBnB.

Show repeat and prospective guests to YOUR website allowing you to have direct communication AND booking with the guest by promoting on social media and to a homeowners contact records.

  • Full service delivery of a website within 1 business day*
  • Routing of inquiries (phone/email) to the designated rental contact for the home (homeowner or property manager)
  • Available for property management companies to provide to their homeowners - with all leads routing to the property management company OR for an individual owner.




* restrictions may apply

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