Resortia Management Team

The Team

Resortia is made up of a team of 20 people (and growing) working together to build an excellent network of entrepreneurially driven businesses in the resort services field. We never forget that we are lucky enough to have created businesses that allow people to enjoy their leisure time in some of the world's most beautiful communities.

Larry HofferLarry Hoffer - Founder/CEO

Larry had the vision for the the company that is now Resortia LLC, and in 2003 he developed systems to harness the Internet as a medium for developing a new approach to generate rentals in resort communities. He created a solution where owners, guests, and the company could all benefit, resulting in a paradigm shift in property management and rental  agency services.

Hoffer is a former cable television industry executive, serving various marketing posts at Starz Entertainment, United Artists Entertainment, Daniels & Associates and TViFusion. Hoffer also consulted with several companies in the telecommunications and direct marketing industry which led to his recruitment to serve as chief operating officer of Black Rock Golf LLC, a direct marketer of golf equipment. He guided the company from start-up, to $25M in sales, and through the IPO. Hoffer began his career in sales and marketing at Aircoa – one of the leading national hotel management companies. Hoffer has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Concordia University in Montreal, the largest business school in Canada, and a graduate degree in Communications from Concordia University.

Jerry MaglioJerry Maglio - Chairman (non-Executive)

Jerry became involved with this venture at the very outset when he provided some of the start-up capital, and has served in an advisory capacity since the founding of the company.

Maglio is the former Executive Vice President of Marketing for Starz Entertainment LLC, a $1 Billion subsidiary of Liberty Media. He formerly headed Maglio & Associates, Inc., a Denver-based consulting firm. Mr. Maglio served as the top ranking marketing executive at three major cable television companies – American Television & Communications, Daniels & Associates, and United Artists Cable. He was the founding President of Rainbow Programming Services Company, originally a partnership between Daniels & Associates, Cablevision Systems, and Cox Communications. Rainbow successfully launched the Bravo network, American Movie Classics (now AMC), and the Playboy Channel. Mr. Maglio has been the recipient of many awards in the cable television industry, and has served as President and multi-term Board Member of CTAM, the industry’s marketing association, and the board of the Cable Television Advertising Bureau (CAB).

Jerry received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from Columbia University.

Lev Lawrence - Chief Information Architect and Business Strategist

Lev has been the chief architect of the impressive software systems that drive the current Resortia Rental by Owner business model. Lawrence is a senior technology consultant and developer who has worked with top executives for over 20 years, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Lev did his internship with IBM while in graduate school. As an independent consultant to US West and MediaOne for many years, he was responsible for a number of innovations and is the inventor on various MediaOne patents. Lev was the acting CTO of TViFusion, a television content startup company. And, in the late 1990s he co-founded an ongoing profitable Internet company which he has run as CEO.

Lev has been assisting the Resortia companies almost since their inception and has been instrumental in forging the expansion into fractional ownership and rental listings. Lev received his Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from U.C. San Diego, and his Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Recently he finished formal graduate-level business education by completing the Graduate Business Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Daniels College of Business.